Team Artezen Wants to Help

We at Artezen wanted to do something to help the community during these difficult times, so came to life our three-fold approach plan, which is as follows:

Virtual Art Workshops

Anyone from anywhere can sign up for a 60 to 90 minute artist-led virtual art/craft workshop to get some creative relief during these confusing and chaotic times. Youth and Adult sessions are available and no artistic experience is needed to participate. All workshops are designed to use materials easily accessible. Register Here

Fees For Donation

Although a workshop fee is not necessary and completely voluntary, a $10 fee per participant is suggested. All fee proceeds are being donated towards providing meals to NJ Hospitals’ healthcare heroes who are working round the clock and have no time to think about nourishing themselves.

Support A Local Business

To support local businesses who are struggling in these times of quarantine with loss of footfall, meals for the healthcare heroes will be ordered from a local restaurant that can provide contactless delivery to a unit at the hospital of choice.

Artezen Youth ran a three-day virtual art camp over Spring Break and a three-day special for Mother’s Day. At the end of these series and other workshops, there were over fifty happy faces who were proud of their creative efforts. Fee donations from the Camp, Mother’s Day series and other pop-up workshops have yielded over $500. Through these donations Team Artezen was able to provide two meals to two separate units of 25 healthcare heroes at the RWJUH of Somerset from Panera. 

Check out how Team Artezen Youth have kept children everywhere creatively active: Spring Break / Mother’s Day

In addition to the Spring Break Camp and Mother’s Day series, Artezen Youth also conducted free art and craft workshops for children of the staff of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center of New Jersey.

With upcoming workshops scheduled, Team Artezen hopes to bring more smiles to faces young and old, to healthcare staff’s families and to everyone who could do with some cheering up through creative therapy. With fee donations, Artezen will continue to support local restaurants by engaging them to provide those on the frontline with healthy meals. It’s the least that can be done, while abiding by the stay home guidelines.

These are unprecedented times and dealing with the unknown can be difficult. Staying home can be unnerving and can take a toll on everyone. From children to seniors, everyone needs to find ways to cope with the new temporary normal. Let us help you to keep creatively active. Sign up for a workshop here.

Every workshop fee received is a meal served to a weary healthcare hero and an order received by a local business! Lets do our part and be a part of a movement to thank healthcare heroes.

Collaborations or Questions? Email us!

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